Best Hotels For The World Cup

Best Hotels For The World Cup

Wondering what hotels to stay in for the 2018 World Cup in Russia? We’ve got you covered.

It’s no secret that hotels are very different from country to country. Things that are considered basic service in one part of the world are absolutely unheard of for other parts of the world. Let’s face it, our friends and family are more likely to tell us their travelling horror stories than they are to recommend a great hotel in a foreign country.

All of these facts, coupled with the fact that you probably don’t speak the language or know exactly how much American dollars are worth in foreign currency, can make booking a hotel room in another country a pretty nerve wracking process.

If you’re looking for a hotel for the World Cup in Russia, we want to help you make the process less stressful.

Our methodology for picking the hotels below was to find the hotels closest to world cup stadiums with the best reviews.

NOTE: All prices were accurate according to at the time this post was written. Prices are subject to change, and you can pretty much expect them to increase as the World Cup gets closer.

Hotel Hayal

Closest Stadium: Kazan Arena

I’d stay at this hotel even if the World Cup wasn’t happening around the corner! This hotel is absolutely swanky. The entrance of the hotel reminds me of those swanky places in Dubai. Guests have said that the rooms are very spacious, the mattresses were comfortable, and the staff was very friendly. With most websites listing rooms at this fine establishment around $101 dollars a night, it is at the higher end of the price spectrum, but don’t let that deter you. Keep in mind, there are bare bone, and quite frankly gross, hotels in America that cost more than that per night. If you’re going all the way to Russia and buying tickets to the World Cup, don’t get cheap when it comes to your hotel.

Renaissance Samara Hotel

Closest Stadium: Cosmos Arena

These accommodations are less than 20 miles from a major airport. It seems that this hotel has underwent drastic improvements in the recent future. All reviews from two or more years ago are generally negative, but the most recent reviews are excellent. The pictures of this hotel show one that looks relatively new, so they may have remolded. As with many other hotels in Samara, some guests complained that the hotel was too far from the city center. One guests even said that it was “a long walk,” which might mean that there are no taxis. This hotel is probably one of the more expensive ones in the city. There are plenty of other hotels in the city that are cheaper, but they are also described as being far away, and some of them don’t have conveniences, such as air conditioning, that American guests are accustomed to.

Attache Hotel

Closest Stadium: Rostov Arena

This hotel has hundreds of reviews, and the overwhelming majority of them are excellent. One guests event referred to it as the best hotel in Rostov. Many guests comment on the high standards of cleanliness at this hotel, which is a major plus. Believe it or not, this isn’t even the most expensive hotel in the city. At $56 a night, you seem to really be getting bang for your buck. It also has free-wifi, big rooms, and a really good breakfast. Just look at the stunning exterior of the hotel. If I’m going to Russia and all my friends know about it, this is the kind of pictures I’d like to wow them with when I get back home.

These are the three best hotels near some of the most popular stadiums for the Cup. In finding these hotels we noticed a few trends.

We found some hotels that were really cheap and had great reviews, but, upon further investigation, we found that these hotels were in very rural areas far away from public transportation and the stadiums the World Cup was hosted in. One common complaint with cheap hotels was a lack of air conditioning. While being in a rural area may not be a problem for some, it’s a much easier trip for tourists who doesn’t speak Russian to be in close proximity to the stadium.

PRO TIP: Before booking any hotel, copy and paste the Russian reviews into Google Translate. Although many Russians speak English as well and leave reviews in English, a local’s opinions is often the most telling one.

Only you can decide what you’re comfortable with (and what you can afford). Do your research. Don’t just book the cheapest room to save money. Book a room that you know you’ll be comfortable in.