The World Cup is coming!!

The World Cup is coming!!

Why you should go to the world cup…and book your hotel room today

The best of soccer will be on display at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, so you need a great hotel to see it yourself.

There’s a World Cup, every four years, so what makes this one so special? Well, …it’s bound to be historic (more so than other years). Why? Many of the team’s everyone expected to get in did not make it.

There are so many teams in the World Cup that the world doesn’t usually get to see on such a highly publicized international stage. Who knows what kind of dark horse teams might pop onto the radar, and there are hundreds of players we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing yet. Had you heard of Keylor Navas and James Rodriguez before the 2014 World Cup? Probably not! And look how talented they are (or at least were for a few years).

The whole world is going to be there

If you’re a soccer fan, you have probably seen footage of teams getting off the bus when they arrive at the stadium for a match. If you’ve seen these kinds of videos, you know that there are dozens of people beyond the players who get off of those buses. Each team has bodyguards, coaching staff, media staff, and a whole slew of other people in it’s traveling entourage that us regular people don’t even know about. In additions to the teams, there are hundreds of new channel and sports media outlets from all over the world heading to the World Cup. When you factor in on-air personalities, commentator, camera crews, and hair and makeup crews, there are thousands of other people going to the games.

There are going to be thousands of hotel rooms needed for players and the media, and you can bet your bottom dollar that these rooms have likely already been booked with top of the line Russian hotels years in advances. That means that pickings for us regular people are already thin. When you couple that stark reality with the fact that there are 32 teams competing in the World Cup and soccer is the most watched sport in the world, with arguably the most dedicated, at times to a fault, group of fans, it becomes clear that those who do not book hotels in Russia soon might have to sleep on the street if they plan on watching a game.

These kind of events are a scam artist’s playground.

There are millions of people who desperately want to attend the world cup. As wild as it may seem, soccer is nothing short of a religious experience for some, and the nationalistic fervor that comes along with the World Cup only heightens the importance of the event for hardcore fans. There are people who would do anything to get to the World Cup in Russia, and seedy con artists prey on that desperation. The closer you get the first whistle of the World Cup, the more desperate people will be to book rooms that they haven’t been able to secure yet.

Unfortunately, con artists will be bolder than ever, and you will be more likely to fall for their tricks than ever. Love can be blinding, and, if you’re thinking about traveling to Russia for the World Cup, you obviously love soccer very, very much.

It’s not getting any cheaper.

Rest assured, all rooms, whether legitimate or not, will go up in price closer to the World Cup, and prices will skyrocket (even higher) during the World Cup. Like it or not, hotel rates in Russia this summer will prove to be a real-life example of supply and demand. Since the whole world wants them, hotels are going to price themselves more competitively. If you don’t get a room soon, you’re going to pay two arms and two legs rather than an arm and a leg.

Packages are super expensive!

FIFA itself, as well as dozens, if not hundreds, of legitimate travel agencies, are advertising all-inclusive packages. These include airfare, pre-booked hotels, and excursions in the local cities. There’s no doubt about it, a package would make for an all-around great experience both at and beyond the World Cup, but…you get what you pay for. Packages, in most cases, are an extremely high-quality product with an extremely high price tag, It’s absolutely unaffordable for the average traveler.

To put it all into perspective: if you plan on going to the World Cup, you need to make getting a good hotel room a priority before someone else takes up all the good (affordable) rooms. Lucky you! You’re already on the right website to find the hotel that will make your trip of a lifetime that much better.


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