Why Americans Should Still Go to the World Cup in Russia 2018

Why Americans Should Still Go to the World Cup in Russia 2018

Why Americans Should Still Go to the World Cup in Russia

I am absolutely gutted, as our friends across the pond would say, that the USMNT didn’t make it to the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but I’m not going to let that stop me from enjoying the competition. If you have the opportunity to enjoy it in person, you should definitely go despite the unfortunate plight of the USMNT.

If you live in America and you’re at all concerned with the plight of the USMNT, you’re most certainly a soccer fan. I can’t imagine that the only national team with players you’re fond of is America. Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Cavani, Harry Kane, and all the other fan favorites will be there. The World Cup is the best opportunity to see all your favorite players within a matter of weeks. Even if you traveled to the stadium of your favorite foreign team for one match, you wouldn’t get to see as many international talents as your will at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. While it may be devastating that your team isn’t in the competition, give yourself a consolations prize by seeing the spectacle for yourself.

That’s another reason you should go. The World Cup is a historic spectacle that only happens every four years! If you have the financial means to go to this one, you should take the opportunity. The World Cup is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. Why let this chance of a lifetime pass you by merely because the USMNT didn’t make it? Several players on the USMNT will have another opportunity to book their ticket, so to speak, to the competition. It’s quite likely that they’ll make it next time. I hate to be bleak, but financial and political barriers could prevent you from attending the competition four years from now. Why miss it?

Even though the USMNT won’t compete, there will still be American representation in the competition… from American player who competes with other national squads. Neven Subotic has the opportunity to play for Serbia. Steven Beitashour could appear for Iran. Isaac Brizuela and Miguel Angel Ponce could get minutes with Mexico. On top of that, there will be many familiar faces from MLS throughout the competition.

Make no mistake about it, traveling to the World Cup is going to be expensive no matter where the competition is held, but staying in Russia will be cheaper than a World Cup in another country like Brazil would be. Why? Brazil is a popular tourist destination for Americans. While Russia certainly has many beautiful sights worth seeing, it isn’t a place that is a popular tourist destination (for people in America, that is) on a regular basis. Hence, flights, hotel prices, and other expenses that come along with vacationing in a foreign country will merely be marked up for the demand of the World Cup, rather than being marked up for the demand of the World Cup and the normal demand of high tourist traffic. Hey, what do you know? You’re already on the best site to book your hotel reservations for the World Cup!

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