World Cup 2018 Predictions

World Cup 2018 Predictions

The world is preparing for the World Cup in Russia, and, hopefully, you’ve already booked your hotel reservations. If not, you’re in the right place.

Now that the logistics of your trip are straightened out, it’s time to get to the good part-the competition itself. This year’s competition is sure to be full of surprises.

There are a lot of nations that won’t be there this year. Italy, Ghana, and America have all failed to qualify. While none of those countries are necessary usual title contenders (at least in the past few competitions), they are just a few of the many staple countries (nations that seem to always qualify) that won’t be there. Many of the usual powerhouses, such as England, Brazil, Argentina, and Germany will play, but there will be several other new and/or less often seen teams that can give them a run for their money.

This competition could be the year of the underdog. The 2014 World Cup proved that no team can rest o their laurels and any team can break the status quo. It won’t be as easy as in past years for strong teams to completely humiliate other teams.

I think France is going to take home the prize this year. The squad is full of young talent. The squad was also full of young talent back in 2014, but those same talented players have been given four years to solidify their skills. France was pegged by many to win in 2014, but things just didn’t pan out. This year, the team full of strong players, will have an opportunity to fix the errors of yesteryear. Now the squad is full of experienced, highly trained, young talent, and Les Bleus might just shake things up.

Teams to watch

Serbia will be a force to be reckoned with. Serbia’s squad seems to be full of the kind of players who, while certainly not the kind of player you’d consider to be a star, really do a good job of holding down the fort with their domestic clubs. They are those reliable rocks in the midfield that can always be counted on to stop the opposition and get the ball exactly where it needs to be. If Serbia’s forwards can harness their maximum scoring ability, the country could surprise the world.

The Brazilian national team was historically humiliated in 2014. All teams fight with pride, but Brazil will be fighting at the 2018 World Cup for the pride they lost. With Tite, the on again off again head coach who is dearly beloved by both fans and players, at the helm, this country is sure to put on an incredibly good show this time around.

Mexico has many players who are aging out of international competition. Throughout the 21st century, the nation has been present in many competitions but victorious in few. The combination of circumstances makes it certain that this country will be fighting harder than ever, which leads to…

The final predictions:

Mexico vs. France with the victory going to France.

I can’t wait to see what really happens.

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